Highest Lake in the world(Tilicho Lake-5200Mtr)

Highest Lake in the world(Tilicho Lake-5200Mtr)
From German & Hongkong(the white behind from us is frozen Lake)was full of joy we did,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Trekking with Krish Lama

Dear All Trekkers,
My name is Krishna Lama(Bholon). I am an experienced and independent Trekking Guide in The Nepal-Himalayas. I have been a licensed Trekking Guide since 1998 from Nepal government. I will personally be your Guide when you book your arrangements here. This is good to know, as other companies have a busy schedule and will not always be able to give you an experienced Guide.

I feel that our relationship as a guide\Trekkers begins with our initial contacts. We will Exchange e-mails in preparation for your trip. In this way, we will already know something about each other when you arrive in Nepal. This is very valuable to me, as a trekking is like an adventure we will experience together.

I will be most clear in our e-mail contact on our expenses and how to pay. No nasty surprises. Since i work on my own, I can afford to provide you a lower price than most trekking agencies. I also assure you that our porters and other supporting staffs will be paid fair. I and my supporting friends are covered by insurance and of course I provide them proper clothing and equipment which is really necessary in some areas.

During our Trek, I will hike at your pace, so you can feel relaxed and enjoy. I would love to be your guide and share this rich cultural experience with you. So that, in the end of the day, all my guests leave with many happy memories of their visit of this little country and her people.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for more information.

Mr Krish Lama (Krishna Bahadur Lama)
Pokhara Baidam-6,
Lakeside, Nepal
E-mail: your.lama@hotmail.com
Contact No:+977-98461 49129
Namasate!!!我是 Krishna Lama (Bholon)。我是一個在尼泊爾喜瑪拉亞山脈經驗豐富及獨立登山導遊。自1998年起,我便成為尼泊爾政府認可的持牌登山導遊。當你預約後,我會成為你的個人導遊。某些旅行社,他們有時因為過多預約而未能為您提供有豐富經驗的導遊

於第一次聯絡時,你便是我尊貴的登山旅客了!! 我們能透過電郵來相討旅程的準備。從中,我們能互相認識對方,亦讓我在見面前已了解你的情況和需要。對我而言,登山的旅程是個我們一起經歷難能可貴的冒險




Mr Krish Lama (Krishna Bahadur Lama)
Pokhara Baidam-6,
電郵地址: your.lama@hotmail.com
聯絡電話: +977-98461 49129